Tutoring Services

I enjoy teaching immensely and it gives me great satisfaction to see my students progressing. I have taught students for many reasons including:​​

  • Childrens Russian GCSE preparation
  • Advanced level professionals
  • Full-time bespoke intensive courses for businesses
  • Adult hobby learning
  • Russian degree exam preparation
  • Group sessions for multi-national companies

The lesson formats I generally offer are as follows, but these can be adjusted to meet your needs:

One-to-One Lessons

This type of tutoring allows the lessons to be delivered in the best learning style for that student so they fully understand all aspects of the taught subject.

Methods of teaching include conversation practice, article reading comprehension, vocabulary development and grammar rule explanation & practice.

This is the best method to ensure a students needs are fully covered and the goals of the lessons are achieved.

Group Lessons

When multiple students are trying to achieve a common standard then group lessons can prove an effective method.

This can be especially useful for colleagues or friends studying the same subject material.

I pay particular attention to ensure no student falls behind or fails to fully understand a concept before moving onto the next topic.

Intensive Courses

When a student has a short deadline to achieve a certain standard of Russian, an intensive course can be the best route to achieve success.

The goal could either be preparation for an upcoming test, to ensure their language skills are adequate for an event or a business trip.

Exercise and vocabulary sheets are developed specifically for each intensive course focusing on their exact needs.